About Us

Founded in 2007 by sincere hardworking people with over thirty years of professional experience in the design and installation of commercial and industrial surveillance and security solutions, Sentinel Systems is a veteran-owned business and now considered a leader in security consulting, security electronics integration, IP video, access control and identification systems.

At Sentinel Systems honesty, integrity, and reliability are the foremost in all business practices. We strive to provide excellent customer service and reliable quality products. All employees are trained and certified by our security products manufacturers and the Utah Safety council to work in hazardous environments including refineries and mines. All employees are certified in scissor and boom lift operations.

Sentinel Systems installs and services a broad range of security products that vary in design, technology, and intended application. We are committed to helping our customers address their physical security and risk management challenges with solutions to facilitate integration of new technologies. With our dedication to continuing education, new technology, and our commitment to customer satisfaction, from the top of the line to our least expensive products, we insist they be very reliable and easy to operate.